Renting in Vietnam: A Step by Step Guide

April 14th 2018

Renting in Vietnam: A Step by Step Guide

Finding a place to live in Ho Chi Minh City doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow our 6 simple steps to find your perfect place to stay in Vietnam.

See what’s available

Using the Emperor Key website you can browse a huge range of potential properties online. From beautiful modern 1 bedroom apartments to multi-bedroom villas and townhouses, there’s something for everyone. You can browse our properties here at

Decide on what you need

To help you search for somewhere to rent you will need to narrow your search. Do you want a fully furnished property, or would you like an unfurnished place where you can select exactly how you want to decorate your new home? How many bedrooms will you require? Would you like an apartment or a house?

Pick a location

Do you want to live in quiet and leafy District 2, or stay in the heart of the city in District 1, surrounded by nightlife, restaurants, and shops? Different areas of Ho Chi Minh have a very different feel, as well as a range of prices. Deciding on your budget can really help to narrow down which location is best for you.

View some properties

It’s important to view some properties in person before you decide on where to rent. Inquire about some properties you like the look of with Emperor Key, and then arrange a few viewings.  You can give one of our advisors a call on +84 2 873 078808 Or you can email them here at

Be sure to ask questions about the properties amenities, what’s included in the price, the term of the contract and the required deposit.

Decide on a property

Once you have had a look at a few different options you can decide on where you would like to rent. You can visit the Emperor Key office at 2/F in Vista Verde Building 2, Phan Van Dang, Thanh My Loi Ward of District 2 and discuss the properties you are interested in with our staff. They will help talk you through the terms of the contract and advise you on what documents you will need to submit in order to finalize your new home in Ho Chi Minh City!

Move in!

Submit your documents, sign the contract, and you are all ready to move into your new home. The Emperor Key team will be on hand to help you with the final submission and you’ll be free to start enjoying your new life in Vietnam!